Mini Mint Meringues with Toll House Mint Chocolate Delightfulls

Mini Mint Meringues

Can we talk for just a moment about how all of this holiday baking is going? Because it hasn’t been going well. Not, that is, until today. Jillian and I have long been envious of the absolute ruckus that our friends and family bring, when it comes to holiday baking. What started as a cost… 

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New England-Style Clam Dip

New England Style Clam Dip

Recently, I was thinking about all of the questionable things I eat to this day, because of the positive associations I have between these marginal food items, and memories of time spent with my dad. Snacking was of great importance to both of my parents; a plate of vegetables and dip would almost always appear before… 

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America! Presents: Marie Callender’s “Cheesy Bacon and Egg” Breakfast Pot Pie

Marie Callender's "Cheesy Bacon and Egg"

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post in the “America! Presents” series. I’ve devoted more than enough words to prepackaged Philly cheesesteaks, Buffalo wing-flavored chicken jerky, and “Lobster Bisque” flavored potato chips. Frankly, I just didn’t know if I had it in me anymore, didn’t know if there was anything left that I… 

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13 Thanksgiving Recipes to Awe and Amaze

Achiote Butter Basted Turkey with Ancho Chile Gravy

If food bloggers have a Superbowl, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Oh, sure: There’s the giving thanks and the cornucopias and the shoes with big brass buckles and all that. There’s also no other holiday where you are given permission (nay, encouraged), to eat as much as is physically possible, pressing well beyond the point of simple satiation… 

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Kickstarting Our Food Truck, Part 2: The Terror of Being Half-Funded

The Terror of Being Half-Funded

It’s been an incredible first 15 or so days, roughly the first half of our Kickstarter campaign to execute a mid-career hail mary and launch ‘Wich, Please, a mobile concession trailer in Rockland, Maine. In the first two weeks, we’ve raised almost $14,000, from almost 200 different people from all across the country and from… 

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