I’ve tried several other Lo Mein recipes over the past …

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I’ve tried several other Lo Mein recipes over the past few months and they were not good. I’d just about given up when I found this one…..well, I didn’t exactly “find” it, you sent it to me! And I thank you for that! This recipe is hands down the best. My husband and I are living in Mexico right now and we can’t get good Chinese food. We can’t even get the ingredients in our area, except for soy sauce, but I bring them with me from the US when we go back to visit. Anyways, thank you so much and I look forward to trying more of your recipes.

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Black Magic Chocolate Grasshopper Cake
I wanted this cake from the first minute I saw it! (On your post for St Patrick’s Day) But it was Lent and I had given up coffee so that meant I had to wait, dang it! I’ve been drooling over it for weeks (I even dreamed about it one night, if you can believe that!) You know how sometimes when you’re anticipating something for a period of time and by the time you actually experience it, it just doesn’t meet your expectations? This was not that time.
The cake in this recipe is moist beyond belief. And the buttercream (the stuff I normally scrape off) is excellent. I opted to make the glaze as a ganache and increased the peppermint in both toppings to taste. You really outdid yourself this time, Jillian!

How to Make American Cheese
I started making this recipe and got interrupted. By the time I got back to it several hours later, my gelatin was totally set and rubbery. But I decided to go forward with the recipe anyway. It turned out just fine.

Tonight I used it in mac and cheese, made with a standard béchamel. Once the bechamel had thickened, I turned the heat down low and added the cheese which I had cut into small cubes, stirring occasionally. It did take a couple of minutes to completely melt, but the sauce was smooth & velvety with no clumping whatsoever. I think the key is letting it melt slowly over low temp.

Homemade Graham Crackers
Sandra – I buy my pantry items at Mega and they have “Tres Estrellas” brand of harina de trigo (flour). The regular is in a white package with red & blue decoration. The whole wheat is called harina de trigo Integral and is in a white package with red & brown decoration. They are right next to each other on the shelf. I don’t shop at Walmart much so I’m not sure if they have the same brand or not. I think they should because it’s a very common brand over here. But if they don’t just look for “Integral” and hopefully you can find it in whatever brand of flour they carry. Good luck!

Clayton’s Cafe Famous Chicken Salad Copycat (Mock Sous Vide Method)
Made this for lunch the other day, scaled down to 1 chicken breast as Mr Fussy Pants advised that he “does not eat cold meat.” I say he does not know what he’s missing. This was excellent. I especially enjoyed the burst of sweetness from the grapes with the pungent flavor of the blue cheese. The celery provided just the right amount of crunch and the chicken was moist and tender beyond belief. Another winner!

Frijoles Charros
This dish is excellent and the recipe makes quite a bit, but the leftovers just kept getting better & better. We had this the first night as our dinner, along with the homemade queso blanco. The next 2 days we had it as a side dish. And today, not wanting to waste a bit of it, I threw the last into a pot of chili. It’s especially gratifying to me when I see my husband eat heartily and truly enjoy his meal, and such was the case with these beans. Thanks so much!

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