Of course! I love your blog – your pictures and …

Comment on Chinese New Year: Vegetable Lo Mein by Lily Sheng.

Of course! I love your blog – your pictures and your writing style (even though I find some of the words hard to understand as I’m still learning Enlighs. But that makes it less boring and proof that it ain’t plain writing!) Please keep up the great work!

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Chinese New Year: Vegetable Lo Mein
Wow, I tried this tonight and it was so good! And I’m Chinese myself! Good job~

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I’m allergic to alcohol, so can’t rely on a late night drink to relax, instead, I drink Celestial Seasoning’s soothing teas! Thanks for the giveaway~

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Here’s my tweet: https://twitter.com/pic_links/status/647101996118372352

Preserving Summer with the FoodSaver® System PLUS GIVEAWAY!
I wonder if I could use it to store coffee grounds. I buy bagged coffee way faster than I can consume them and have yet to find a great storage way. Not a picky coffee drinker, just love to try different grounds. The reason I don’t freeze coffee grounds is because I don’t want them sucking up the odor, with a vacuum seal system, it might work! Thanks for the giveaway~

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