I grew up in Indiana and my grandmother was from …

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I grew up in Indiana and my grandmother was from Kentucky. I still long for her fried chicken and sausage gravy with biscuits. I believe you this chicken at Popeye’s is heavenly, if purchased in the right part of the country. New England, probably not, but midwest and south….definitely. Next time have some sausage gravy and biscuits. Heaven. I thought my grandma must be back there in that kitchen.

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Searching For The Perfect Lobster
we lived in Maine for 20 years and are now in upstate NY–Our oldest daughter and her husband have a second home in Cape Porpoise, ME,just outside of Kennebunkport where she and her 3 siblings grew up. We go back at least once every couple of years and the best lobster we have is cooked at a lobster/clam commercial spot who steam them for us and we take them home and rip them apart like ruthless carnivores, sucking the bits from all the parts of the legs and internals. I would never go to a restaurant in ME to eat lobster because it is so much of the experience for us to eat with our hands, the juice dripping down our chins, and just out of the water no more than 10 minutes to our table. Yum. Looking forward to Memorial Day when we will return and overdose (if it is possible) on LOBSTER !!!

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