Had a chuckle over your recollection of the NH Popeye’s …

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Had a chuckle over your recollection of the NH Popeye’s — spot on to my memory as well. Reminded me of a KFC in DC near where I lived one summer that had a bullet-proof plexiglass lazy susan in lieu of a counter. My gf and I were walking by one night and saw two men near the open trunk of a car.

GF: (Brightly) Hey! That man has a gun!
Me: I know. Stop staring. Keep walking.

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The Old Port Sea Grill
Ooh, that was bleak, Gillian. And yet you enjoyed the appetizers and oysters, which is what we do (did) when (used to) go. And a martini, yes Malcolm.

I now live between Connecticut’s capitol and its ivy city, where the only edible out-food less than 30 minutes away is Ruby Tuesdays. I mention this to take the edge off of your sad fantasy of other-lives-not-lived and increase the joy you are taking in rubbing fins with a school of fish you have no intention of joining simply for the privilege of a little better-than-average food on your way to fantastic food.

Luxuriate, my puppies, luxuriate.

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Reminds me of something Ohno has.

Our One Year Anniversary
God I miss Portland. And I hate you both for evoking it (and its food) so well.

A Few Thoughts on the “Spaghetti Calzone” from Amato’s
I prefer to call it the “second” Portland.

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Method for pitting the cherries?

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