It’s like you’re living in my head these days. …

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It’s like you’re living in my head these days. I’ve been making these without a press for the last 3 months and finding it VERY frustrating. Got a good supplier? While your at it, do you have a good dried chiles supplier as well? Just moved to Portland from the midwest and am still trying to find my favorite latin products.

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How to Make Corn Tortillas
Yikes on the anchos! I was blessed with a great retailer in Ohio. I’ll let you know when I make it to La Bodega Latina. Thanks for the recommendations!

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Just FYI, Don’t know if you are familiar with the site “TasteSpotting”, but one of your pictures from this delicious looking post made it’s way to their front page this morning.

Our One Year Anniversary
Congratulations! You’ve got a great thing going here and I’ve mentioned you to many friends since our move here. Thanks for sharing a little portion of your life with us!

I’m glad to hear that someone else had a similar experience. Great drinks, great charcuterie, fairly sad entree.

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Great writeup. Noticed that they were opening soon, while passing through SoPo last week (stop at Scratch for amazing bagels). Sorry to hear about the blandness, but exciting to know that they are throwing out some more interesting items, like goat.

Also, I thought your fact about health codes not allowing the vertical spit for pastor was interesting. I had no idea.

As usual, great post!

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Hanging on every word this week. I will be enjoying a bowl of this while watching the snow fly tomorrow.

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