Fresh tortillas are lovely, and fun to make with the …

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Fresh tortillas are lovely, and fun to make with the kids.

That said, if you’ve got to use pre-made, for whatever reason Shaw’s has a decent selection of Mexican products. You can’t get Guerrero, unfortunately, but you can get Ole, and they’re both miles better than Mission (which are heinous). Shaw’s also stocks Herdez which is one of the few pre-made salsas we like.

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Garlicky Broccoli Rabe & Roasted Pork Sandwich
We make a very similar sandwich except with breaded eggplant instead of pork; divine stuff.

Fusion twist is to mix gochujang with the mayonnaise for even more kick.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Portland Lobster Co (when they’re opened; seasonal) has excellent fries, probably my favorite in town (as I can’t eat Duckfat’s). And they serve Allagash.

I really enjoy dinner @ Caiola’s, up there with Bresca as some have mentioned, although the service is always just a tad off for some reason. Brunch was okay when we went, not the heights of dinner, although my daughter did love the from-scratch pop tart.

I think my favorite breakfast is still Hot Suppa, along with Front Room and Bintliff’s. Fried green tomato benedict @ Hot Suppa is… so good.

Brie and Chive Buttermilk Biscuits
These sound awesome, will try. What kind of brie did you use?

Chicken Parm (D’Angelo)
Two grilled sandwiches so far this week:

Black Tie Catering at Commercial & Union. Their portabello mushroom with mozzarella and pesto is pretty good, just make sure they grill it long enough that everything melts, it’s sad when the cheese has a little bit of a cold pit in it. They have a nice asparagus/moz salad that’s good, too, and reasonably priced; although again make sure the asparagus isn’t still chilled from overnight storage.

Corner Room unfortunately just raised their prices on sandwiches so now it’s an extra 1.50 to get the side with your sandwich. But their mushroom with taleggio is pretty good, too, they actually make a sort of mushroom tapenade that goes along with sliced mushrooms. Skip the fries, get the greens or a salad.

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