Was looking at the New York Times this morning and …

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was looking at the New York Times this morning and in a restaurant review they mention this appetizer! without the serrano: sissies!

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Watermelon Salad Bites
I am trying this out this coming weekend for the crowd of 2 at my house. I WANT THIS NOW! I wonder how my husband will feel. He loves watermelon, loves spicy peppers, hates feta. In fact we went to some fancy place last wknd for brunch, and he sampled my omelet which had about 3 times as much feta as was necessary, and it overwhelmed his humble midwestern palate. In fact, it was simply overwhelming to any palate. but it kinda put him off feta for life. Hmmm. Ooh, I know, I won’t tell him it’s feta. wow, this looks soooo good.

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A (Re)Statement of Purpose
I have been following your blog for a very long time,and altho I forget to check in on it lately, I look forward to more posts. I didn’t know about the other two blogs – I bookmarked them and am gonna check them out! Good luck with everything!

Spicy Sriracha Mango Shrimp
a delightful post!!! we were so exhausted tonite. I won’t even tell you what dinner consisted of. I really hope to visit the food truck/thing soon.

16 Lessons I Learned After My First Year Owning a Food Truck (Part 1)
Thanks for sharing!! I am a long time follower of the blog, and hope to someday visit your truck in Maine. I decided to attend culinary courses at my local community college this past year, and also had to do the food sanitation course – 2 days worth here in Illinois. Looking forward to the rest of the saga!

The Best Things To Happen To Stuffing (Since Sliced Bread)
great post – I am with you all the way. my favorite way to eat turkey is also in a sandwich. And I adore stuffing, the more sage the better. I don’t like meat in the stuffing, but I need that sage flavor. Weirdly, my husband’s family, with whom (grammar?) we spend Thanksgiving, are not stuffing people!! Yikes! Their side dishes are all variations on a potato. I may have to contribute a stuffing dish this year. BTW, I was reading an article about descendants of the pilgrims (of Mayflower fame), and the article mentioned a woman – I am going to be annoyingly vague, as I cannot remember the details – who lived in California, was a descendant and had a brother named Malcolm who has a food truck in Maine. Is that your Malcolm? surely there couldn’t be two!!! How cool!!!!

October Giveaway: “Lobster Rolls of New England”
ooh, I would love to win!! I want to learn more about these ‘storied venues’. and more about Maine!

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