Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road

Eating in Maine

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Tilbury House

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the publication of our first book, “Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road.” We know, it’s a bit of a mouthful. But what else could we possibly have called a book that covers such a massive topic?

“Eating in Maine” is one part cookbook, with both traditional and modern New England recipes, one part review guide, with in-depth reviews of more than 50 of Maine’s can’t-miss restaurants, and part travel guide, with suggested food-centric road trips that will take you across the width and breadth of the state, in search of the best food Maine has to offer. How many parts is that, three? Yes, that’s right. There’s three parts.

Published by Tilbury House, a Maine publisher of local interest specialty books, this 288 page, full-color book is the culmination of everything we set out to do when we started our blog way back in 2010, documenting Maine’s exciting food scene. We’re super proud of the result, and we hope you’ll like it, to.

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Here’s a Video We Made to Tell You About It:

From the Publisher:

How better to celebrate the milestones in a Maine year than with food, whether prepared at home or enjoyed in a restaurant? And who better to guide you than the creators of Maine’s most popular food blog? Jillian and Malcolm Bedell are the pied pipers of great Maine dining, seeking out and celebrating the best traditional fare as well as the most irresistible international cuisine exploding across Maine today. From fried clams to lobster fra diavolo, from Maine Italian sandwiches to Mayan slow-cooked pork, Eating in Maine will guide you across the state and through the seasons.

Malcolm and Jillian Bedell’s Maine food blog hosts more than 150,000 unique visitors monthly and has received a best-of award from Down East magazine. Always exploring new foods (and new takes on traditional foods) in restaurants and in their home kitchen, they make eating in Maine a four-season adventure.

Here’s What Some of the Pages Look Like:

Editorial Reviews:

“With their comprehensive, smart, and witty blog, Malcolm and Jillian Bedell capture the variety and excitement of the Maine food scene from a personal perspective, making it a must-read as authentic as the state itself. Eating in Maine, which mirrors that authenticity, is a thoughtful, engaging, beautiful book. I want to try every recipe and visit every lobster shack and fine restaurant they recommend.” -Susan Sherrill Axelrod, Food Writer, Portland Press Herald

“Like so many Mainers, I’ve grown to rely on Malcolm and Jillian’s blog,, for my Maine food adventures. Their book, like their blog, is sure to become a staple for that wonderful cross section of people who love both food and Maine.” -Will Bleakley, Associate Editor, Down East Magazine

‘Eating in Maine’ is a dazzling, intelligent, invaluable resource for the home cook and for anyone wanting to know more about the booming culinary scene in Maine.” -Shannon Bard, chef/owner, Zapoteca Restaurant, Portland, Maine

“I’ll be honest – is the only food blog I read. Where else can I learn the secrets of making braised short ribs while simultaneously being reminded just how much I love the McDonald’s Filet o’ Fish?” —Joe Ricchio, Food Editor, Maine Magazine

“I consistently enjoy the From Away blog, and to have it all here in Eating in Maine is great. Jillian and Malcolm are the real thing. From hot dogs to haute cuisine, if it tastes good, they let the rest of us know about it.” —Kerry Altiero, chef/owner of Rockland’s Cafe Miranda

“Malcolm and Jillian’s blog is an indispensable resource for anyone exploring Maine’s burgeoning food scene. Their beautiful photography and well-crafted prose make the site a pleasure to visit, and this book an enjoyable read.” —Anestes Fotiades, Editor of Portland Food Map

And Here’s What the Book Jacket Says About Us:

Jillian and Malcolm Bedell are grateful that their lives led them first to each other and then to Maine (by way of Brooklyn and a tiny fishing village in Mexico). Upon their return to Malcolm’s home state, guided as always by the siren call of food, they said hello to the clam shacks, drive-ins, and diners of Malcolm’s youth, ate up Maine’s newly cosmopolitan food scene, and were inspired to start From Away, which has become one of Maine’s leading food blogs. They have also become the doting parents of a beautiful daughter, Violet. This is their first book.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I go about getting a few copies to sell in my restaurant, gift shop, or bookstore?
We’d love it if you’d consider stocking a few copies! We’re not totally up on how these arrangements work, but you can contact Patricia at Tilbury House. She’ll work with you to make it happen. She’s super nice.

What’s the BEST way for me to buy the book, or what benefits you the most?
We’re just happy that you want to buy it at all! Seriously, buy it any way you’d like. Of course, we’d love it if you’d buy it from someone local.

Where can I see corrections or updates to the book?
It took a long time to get this book out of our brains and into the world, and in that time, things can change; restaurants close, chefs leave, or we decide to use more raisins in our favorite cookie recipe. We’re keeping track of any corrections here, so please take a look from time to time!