Thanks to you (and another amazing food blogger), we are …

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Thanks to you (and another amazing food blogger), we are up and running. Couldn’t have done it without you.

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How to Start a Food Blog
Thanks! Great information.

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16 Lessons I Learned After My First Year Owning a Food Truck (Part 3)
So interesting! Wish you the best of luck and lots of happiness.

Really enjoyed this post. I have followed you guys for years for two reasons: I love your recipes and I love to read what you write. If I were closer than a couple of thousand miles away, I would stop by the food truck, get a sandwich, and say hello.

A Fresh Start
I’m back for sure!

A Fresh Start
Glad I stopped by today and saw this post. After reading your blog almost daily for most of its existence (and the one before that you two wrote in Mexico), it had been forever since I had visited. I think there was less of what I liked to read, so I stopped coming here. Glad that you are getting back to blogging in a truer form, and hope that we learn more about your current adventures. I live in Texas and I’ve never vacationed in Maine, but because of you guys, I plan to do that soon. I have now tried my first lobster roll here in H-Town and while it was good, I am ready for the real thing.

What Happened at the 2013 World Food Championships, Part I
I’m going to share this with my chili-cooking-contestant friend (and the rest of my Facebook friends). This was his second year to compete and he just said he wants to go again next year. He didn’t make the top 10, but shares your views on the stiff competition.

I think he’ll love reading your post. Can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

Congratulations on qualifying. Hope we see you two on TV!

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