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Hi Betty! Ree bumps up the color on most of her photos. Think of it like this: If you took a color transparency (as from an overhead projector) and laid it over an identical color transparency, the colors would all be artificially boosted to several times beyond their normal levels. We do this a bit with our photos (vibrant color makes food look good) but I think she overdoes it a bit. Her blogs “photography” section is still a great place to learn more about food photography, and it’s a resource I wholeheartedly endorse.

I think the “hazy effect” you are referring to is what is called “vignetting,” where you see darkening at the corners of each image. It makes it look as though you are looking at everything through a tunnel. It’s meant to mimic an old effect from the print film days, but it’s easy to overdo and use too much.

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How to Start a Food Blog
Thank you so much, Missy! I hope you find something useful!

How to Start a Food Blog
Thank you, Betsy! I hope it was informative and can be helpful in some way.

How to Start a Food Blog
My pleasure, Andrea! I hope you find something useful!

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