Very interesting post, guys. I’ve had little interest in monetizing …

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Very interesting post, guys. I’ve had little interest in monetizing my blog (which I don’t update frequently enough to earn money from even if I did want to go there), but have often questioned whether food blogging—in and of itself—is a viable way to make a living. A couple of thoughts…

I’m wondering if you’ve had offers to sell your photography to publications, trade associations, etc.? I’ve had a couple of small-time publications reach out to me to see if they could purchase/use a couple of the photos I’ve run. That said, they all balked when I cited a price (which was a pittance compared to what they would pay for commercial stock photography of the same type). And sadly, the trend seems to be that most people simply take images without even asking for permission, letalone offering to pay for them. I even had to bitch at the folks at a couple of times (prior to the arrival of their current Maine moderator) for using images of mine without proper attribution or a link. Anyway, since your photos are about a thousand times more beautiful than what I post, I’m assuming that you’ve received offers as well?

Malcolm Bedell


Malcolm Bedell is co-author of the critically acclaimed "Eating in Maine: At Home, On the Town, and On the Road," as well as the taco-centric blog "Eat More Tacos," with writing and photography credits including Serious Eats, Down East, L.A. Weekly, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, and more. His seasonal food truck, "'Wich, Please," was named "Hottest Restaurant in Maine" for 2015 by Eater, and he finds it very silly to be trying to write this in the third person.

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