Hey CW. It’s definitely a way to earn a living, …

Comment on How to Make Money with Your Food Blog by Malcolm Bedell.

Hey CW. It’s definitely a way to earn a living, but you need a lot of time, patience, and luck to make it happen. We haven’t made it happen, yet. But we’re still trying.

We do contribute to a few different print publications here and there, though you’re right; most places pay their freelance photographers a real pittance. Still, as I mentioned, adding even $100 a month to your stable of other revenue streams makes good sense. We always make sure to tell people never to trade photos or words for “exposure,” unless the publication is a huge name (in which case, they’ll probably pay you a decent rate anyway).

I think (as I always have) that you have one of the best blogs in Portland, and approach ChubbyWerewolf.com from a unique perspective. I’m always excited to see a new post from you, and am happy to see you writing again.

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