Cranberry and Ricotta Napoleon

Cranberry and Ricotta Napoleons

I miss being a kid. When I was a kid, the holidays meant running around like a banshee with my cousins, eating olives and pickles from my Grandmother’s adorable segmented dishes and sporting matching candy cane pajamas with my sister. It was magical. No worries, no pressure. Extravagant meals seemed to materialize out of thin… 

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The Water at Wiley’s Corner

Malcolm first took me to Maine in 1999, or rather, I took him. We had just met and began dating, and for some reason known only to smitten children in their early twenties, we decided to drive my reliable but ridiculous Toyota Corolla from College Town, CT, all the eight hours north to his hometown… 

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Today’s Sandwich: Ham Italian (Dipietro’s Italian Sandwiches)

Today’s sandwich is the “Ham Italian” from DiPietro’s Italian Sandwiches. It combines ham, American cheese, raw diced onion, green peppers, tomatoes, Sicilian olives, pickles, salt, pepper, and oil on a soft hero roll. Location: 171 Cumberland Avenue Price: $4.25 (Large) Notes: DiPietro’s is a tiny, hole-in-the-wall Italian sandwich shop, with a long-standing family history in… 

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Restaurant Week: Vignola

Vignola beckons like a city on the hill, alluring with its light the heathen valley dwellers below. Inset among cobblestones, bathed in hanging amber, the demure dining room appears to the uninitiated as the sole source of mirth and laughter. This is how it has long seemed to me, as everything often does from outside…. 

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Chinese Restaurants in the Greater Portland Area

Since moving to the Portland area, we have begun conversations with many of the strangers we meet the same way: “So, where are you getting your Chinese food?” Almost every single time we ask, that stranger will start with a laugh, and then slowly shake her head, eyes closed. Portland, while it may be many… 

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The Future of Friday Night Dinners

We had a lot to eat this weekend. And most of it was gross. There’s no need to get into the details of where and what, but I will attempt to convey how we ended up eating below mediocre dinners on both Friday and Saturday nights, which led me to contrive a scathingly brilliant idea…. 

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Hamburgers: Five Fifty-Five (Fine Dining Burgers)

For this month’s hamburger wrapup, Portland food bloggers tackled restaurants from the “Fine Dining” category of local eateries. It was a category I looked forward to with mixed expectations; while you can almost always count on having a burger that has been cooked with care at a “Fine Dining” restaurant, there is also the potential… 

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How to Make Queso Blanco

I know three things about Mexican cheese: When they say Manchego, it’s not what you think. This is processed, white melting cheese like a plastic Jack or salty Kraft. It has nothing to do with sheep or Spain, but it makes a damn fine quesadilla. Oaxaca is fun to pronounce. Whah-ha-ka! It’s wound in a… 

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March Giveaway: The Essential New York Times Cookbook

This month, we’re going to change things up a bit, and give away a cookbook that isn’t strictly “New England.” We’ve seen this $40 dollar hardcover behemoth, “The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Century” in bookstores, and been coveting it wildly, and we bet you have, too. At nearly 1,000… 

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