Mini Mint Meringues

Mini Mint Meringues with Toll House Mint Chocolate Delightfulls

Can we talk for just a moment about how all of this holiday baking is going? Because it hasn’t been going well. Not, that is, until today. Jillian and I have long been envious of the absolute ruckus that our friends and family bring, when it comes to holiday baking. What started as a cost… 

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Today’s Sandwich: “Special Combination” Banh Mi (Kim’s Gift Shop)

Today’s sandwich is the “Special Combination” banh mi from Kim’s Gift Shop. It combines three types of meat, with daikon radish, cucumbers, carrots, and lots of fresh cilantro. The roll is also dressed with mayonnaise and liver pate. Location: 261 St. John Street Price: $2.95 Notes: Since we’ve been away from the United States for… 

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How to Make Mustard

Making this super-simple mustard couldn’t be easier, but plan ahead. It won’t be ready for at least two weeks, and likely three. It takes at least that long for your homemade mustard to work its magic, and for the flavors to properly meld and settle down. If you taste it right after you mix it… 

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For Shame: How Domino’s Fooled Me Twice

You don’t need me to tell you that Domino’s Pizza is actively bad for your health. Unfortunately, I still do. A lesson I should have learned during the fall of ’96, along with other invaluable life advice including: Tycho Brahe had a rad moustache; don’t go to Lansdowne Street on an empty stomach; do expect… 

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Joe’s New York Pizza

I tend to break pizza down into several categories that exist almost entirely in my own mind. I like each kind of pizza almost equally, but I evaluate them differently. There’s what I think of as “real” pizza; specifically, Wooster Street Neapolitan-style, thin-crusted, and cooked at insanely high heat in a brick oven until satisfyingly… 

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Today’s Sandwich: Ham Italian (Anania’s Variety Store)

Today’s sandwich is the ham Italian from Anania’s Variety Store, in Libbytown. It combines ham, American cheese, diced onions, green peppers, pickles, black olives, salt, pepper & oil on a hero roll. Location: 1227 Congress Street Price: $4.25 Notes: Anania’s is my favorite type of variety store, with a full sandwich menu, a fast-moving, friendly… 

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Champ and Bangers

In spite of being incessantly reminded by WBLM’s “The Captain and Celeste” that we really should be heading down to Gritty McDuff’s in the Old Port, to enter for a chance to win tickets to see the Dropkick Murphys in Boston (which they called “Ground Zero for St. Patties Day”), we decided to stay home…. 

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Beets are a recent phenomenon. In my life. Not, you know, for the earth. Of course, I’ve known about their whimsical existence for some time, it just never occured to me to actually eat them. Since I have finally succombed to their jewel-toned intensity, it is obviously time to make borscht. Still working on the… 

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7 Easy, Inexpensive Tips for Improving Your Food Photographs

When we first started taking photos of the meals we cooked or were served in restaurants, we were disappointed in the results. Taking photographs of food can be incredibly challenging, as anyone who has seen the large, picture-based menu at a Chinese restaurant can attest. Bad angles, harsh lighting, and unappealing compositions can all combine… 

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