“All Natural Black Angus Burger” (L & H Burgers)

Today’s sandwich is the “Black Angus Beef Burger” from L & H Burgers in Rockland. I made it my own with garlic lemon mayo, caramelized onions, and lettuce.

Location: 313 Main Street, Rockland
The first word that rose from my tongue after taking one bite, was “supple”. I ordered my burger medium-rare, and it was. The menu indicates that unless specified they cook burgers to “medium (pink center)”. Be fairly warned, their medium-rare was rare. Super rare. It was fall-apart pink throughout, soft and, yes, supple. I was a big fan, but it’s not for everyone, I realize. With high quality beef like this – “humanely raised, hormone and antibiotic free”  according to the Facebook page menu – I don’t need any more char.

L & H Burgers

The L & H menu is a little jangly at first glance. There are starters and salads, paninis, sides, kids items, a “From the Masters” section where they have put together interesting topping combinations for either beef, chicken or a veggie burger, and then the options for creating your own. Since we’re not treating the entire breadth of the menu and doing a comprehensive restaurant review, which we definitely will, and soon, I will stick to the facts of this one burger.

And this burger was a little messy. With lots of gooey, sweet onions and tangy mayonnaise. The lettuce was super green, not an anemic afterthought as it often is, and almost cooked by the heat of the burger. This was all done up on a buttery bakery bun that held its own against the juicy meat. It’s the right size. We were impressed with the subtlety and quality, two attributes not always associated with burger joints. There is obvious care being put into this food. My burger was awesome and I don’t think we’ll wait very long before heading back for the complete experience.

L & H Burgers: 313 Maine Street, Rockland, Maine; 207-593-7995

Jillian Bedell

Jillian is a writer and mother living in a farmhouse in Cushing, Maine.

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