Who decided the french fries should be fried in olive …

Comment on Elevation Burger by Ericka.

Who decided the french fries should be fried in olive oil? Its smoking point makes it totally unsuitable for deep-frying. I guess they were trying to seem “healthy” (deep-fried potatoes will never, ever be good for you), but as you discovered, they only turned what should be crisp and crunchy into a soggy mess.

I find the beef at Five Guys totally flavorless. I assume the appeal is that 1) the burger is huge and messy, and 2) you can choose amongst a wide variety of toppings. A burger with fries for one person at Five Guys approaches $10 here, and I think that’s a ridiculous price to pay for a mediocre-at-best fast food burger.

There’s no Elevation Burger here (what is up with that name?), but based on this review I wouldn’t go out of my way to try it. Ted’s Montana Grill is a sit-down restaurant that’s only a little bit more expensive than Five Guys (mostly because of the tip) and their burgers can’t be beat. The meat is never frozen, (I believe it is ground at the restaurant) and they will make any of their burgers out of bison meat for only a dollar or two more! And no, I don’t work for Ted’s…I’m just a burger snob.

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America! Presents: Taco Bell® Home Originals® Cheesy DOUBLE DECKER® Taco Dinner Kit
I know this is quite old, but I just have to tell you how much I love this blog. The writing, the subject matter. I just wish there were more entries to peruse (hint, hint).

As somebody who grew up in the midwest a couple of decades ago, I grew up accustomed to processed foods. To my knowledge, my mother never made a cake without a cake mix, and I thought everything from baked beans to pie filling just kind of spontaneously came to be inside a can. Even our juice was frozen and reconstituted (do I even need to mention the only cheese in our fridge was Kraft processed American cheese food?)

Late in life, I became a whole foods evangelist (so to speak). And yet…part of me remembers those days fondly. Hence my love for this blog (in addition to the swell writing).

BTW…Steak-Umms. The summer that I turned 12, I’m pretty sure I made the following for my lunch every single day: grilled cheese Steak-Umm sandwich, made with the following: two slices of white bread, one slice of Swiss cheese (okay, occasionally we had something other than Kraft in there, but I had to request it), and one Steak-Umm. OMG, that was good. I’m longing for it even now…

Signature Series: Eggs Benedict
Those look absolutely delicious. I’ve done the easy (though not E-Z) version of this classic: store-bought English muffins, eggs poached in one of those 3-at-a-time metal pans, and Hollandaise made in the blender (if you aren’t worried about the eggs being cooked, Hollandaise is a breeze!). I used lightly sauteed ham instead of Canadian bacon, too. I’m sure yours was tastier, though the easy version is pretty darned yummy, too, and about as difficult to make as scrambled eggs and toast.

America! Presents: Little Caesars® Hot-N-Ready® Pepperoni Pizza
I can’t stand Little Caesar’s, and not just because their pizza is terrible. Unfortunately, most people have zero taste and just want things NOW and CHEAP, and LC is there to fulfill that desire. They managed to put the local pizza joint out of business when they put a franchise next door to them. The place had been locally-owned for years, they made superlative pizza that was made to order (meaning you…*sigh*…had to wait for a whopping 20 minutes from the time you called in your order), and the pizza was reasonably – though not cheaply – priced at a little more than double Little Caesar’s $5 going rate. Now my neighborhood has one less good pizza place, and I’ve died a little inside…

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