Just a couple of things…Seeing as everything is made fresh …

Comment on Elevation Burger by Mike.

Just a couple of things…Seeing as everything is made fresh for your order, you have the option of asking for your fries extra crispy. Yes olive oil is a lighter cooking oil, but the cooking temps/times are set accordingly. And, I noticed Jillian said something about cold toppings…. Personally, I would be grossed out by hot toppings. It’s not like the burgers are pre-made, sitting under heating lamps just waiting for your order. Also, whats a burger without a bit of mess? If you want an easy, mess free “American Highway” burger, go grab a McDouble off of the Dollar Menu, which most likely contains beef that was cooked 20 minutes before you arrived. You just may not be as skilled as other burger enthusiasts. Being an Elevation employee, I have seen a customer finish a 5 patty burger, with toppings, mess free, and love every minute of it. It’s all in your technique. Upon your next visit, may I suggest ordering the fries extra crispy. And, as far as the burgers go, lettuce is the one topping that generally causes a lot of mess, so maybe switch up the topping choice? It’s the type of food where the experience gets better every time. You have the opportunity to see what you like, what you don’t, and in time, you’ll figure out the perfect Elevation meal for yourselves.

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