GREAT & well deserved review for Hoss & Mary’s (too …

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GREAT & well deserved review for Hoss & Mary’s (too bad the rest of OOB’s business seasonal & year round got slapped across the face).

“When I imagine Old Orchard Beach, the seven-mile stretch of sandy beach about eleven miles South of Portland, my mind doesn’t immediately conjure up images of exceptional dining opportunities. In the Summer, an influx of tourists from all over Maine blankets Old Orchard in acres of pale white skin, Marlboro Light smoke, airbrushed t-shirts, and shady, throwback dance clubs.”
Have you ever tried Jj’s Eatery Too? Jumpin’ Jakes (owners from the LandMark) are doing very well & I’m sure the tourist apprecicate being described as pale white Marlboro smoking people. The airbrush Artist is very talented & what’s the matter you don’t dance???

BTW many of the local business owners, year round & seasonal work behind their counters & in their kitchens & nightclubs. That is how they survive.

Holy shit I never seen a restaurant review pro tear apart it’s neighbors.

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Hoss and Mary’s Tasty Grub
Malcolm thanks for letting me vent & for your response.

I started working on OOB as a part-time supplement to my F/T job in 1999 & got to know many locals & business owners & in 2003 I became a business owner myself.

I have struggled with State & local anti-business regulations & as you may know Maine is one of the highest taxed business environments in the US.

If I seemed defensive, I was a bit. Every time someone reviews OOB they slice & dice us to smithereens! Using words like “honky tonk” “run down” “shady”. Many of the OOB businesses were awarded Facade Grants in the past several years to upgrade street appeal. Owners had to match that Grant money 50%!

I personally did a 70k upgrade to a nightclub that I run seasonally while working a full-time day job to pay for it. I employ many people in the summer who are also supplementing full-time jobs & trying to keep roofs over their heads in this stressful economy.

I hope you get to visit OOB this summer & meet some of us folks who put their life savings into making OOB a better place.

Peace Gina

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