Pizza Time is not that bad, you must be very …

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Pizza Time is not that bad, you must be very picky. Everone has different preferences. I personally don’t care for Flatbread and Ottos, Otto’s uuually over cooks their pizzas and Flatbread is to bland for my taste. Some people like heavy cheesy and gressy style pizzas!!

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Flipside Pizza
I’m sorry if I came on to strong on my eariler post. I was out and about and when I wrote my post I was feeling pretty good and just had a pizza in Old Port.. I think you write very good articles and this one was very well done with your publishing style and the nice photos. Please keep up the good work! Diane

Flipside Pizza
I like any kind of pizza. I do like the thin crust style the best, but I could eat any kind. The Pizza here in Portland is just ok, I still have not found a local pizza place that I prefer. I came from the Mid West and there was so many good places to order from. I don’t mind some of the chains like Pizza Hut ever once in a while, I’m sure you don’t like it, or most of the other chains, as you seem to be very picky after readying some of your articles regarding pizza. Lately I have been making my own, or getting some frozen ones at the grocery and dressing them up. Im sure that is also taboo to you. I feel as long as what your eating makes you happy and taste good that is what counts, not trying to judge ever little thing. Most food can be inproved, but as long as it taste good thats what counts and how can you go wrong with pizza, at least their is so many places to chose from.

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