Yes, we are pretty picky about the things we eat. …

Comment on Pizza Time by Malcolm.

Yes, we are pretty picky about the things we eat. With so many delicious options in the world, it doesn’t seem like too much time or too many calories should be wasted on careless, sub-standard food. I will give you that, as compared to, say, the filling inside of a Hot Pocket, or the pizza you might eat out of a steamy plastic bag on a Continental flight from San Diego to Orlando, or a pizza-flavored Pringle that you took the time to soak in a puddle and then microwave, Pizza Time is not that bad. Even if you like “heavy cheesy and gressy style pizzas,” though, there are at least a dozen other places in town that I would recommend over Pizza Time.

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Pizza Time
You’re right, there seems to be a very broad definition of what pizza is. It’s not snobbery; it’s just knowing the difference. Thanks for commenting!

Pizza Time
It does seem to be true that whatever your first exposure to pizza was, is the version you spend the rest of your life trying to chase…

Pizza Time
That was a point from your first post that I didn’t mean to overlook: I think the places that have been around for 60 years have no choice but to continue doing things the way they always have, or risk hearing nothing from their customer base (and their parents…and their grandparents) but how good the place “used to be.”

We haven’t yet tried the place you work…but are now even more anxious to do so. I’ve often wondered about the South Portland location, all grown over with weeds…

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