“B.L.T.” (Town Landing Market)

Today’s sandwich is the “B.L.T.” sandwich from the Town Landing Market in Falmouth. It combines bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a soft hero roll.

Location: 269 Foreside Road, Falmouth
Price: $4.25
Notes: Today is perfect. Blue sky, green leaves, chirping birds, temperatures in the upper seventies. It was a good day to drive around Falmouth, eventually finding the Town Landing Market. I like this little store a lot. It is cute without being precious, with corn, peaches and tomatoes in bins on the front porch and lots of locals, coolers of beer and wine, dry goods, a few shelves of Stonewall Kitchen stuff and a very small sandwich counter in the back, where they also have cooked lobster, clams, local and organic meat and chowder for sale.

Inside, the air was fragrant with bacon. The menu consists mostly of Italians, as well as hand written additions about lobster, shrimp and crab rolls. Something was different today. I was different. I boldly and without precedent ordered a BLT for lunch. I don’t believe that everything is better with bacon. I think bacon is just okay. I like it as a friend, and nothing more. I would, however, go steady with egg salad, if it asked politely.

It was my husband who delivered the fatal words: Miracle Whip. While I personally have never met or been friends with, nor reached across the aisle to those people, I know you are out there. Consider seeking Marcus Bachmann for a cure. (zing! topical!) There’s even a newish ad campaign, which is pretty brilliant, rebranding MW as a maverick’s quirky choice. The stuff has not crossed my lips in decades. Actually, I had it once. At the house of a classmate. The kind of kid who keeps her treasures in an animal crackers box. I never went back there again. Sorry, Allison.

So, while I cannot state with complete authority that the condiment dressing up my sandwich was the dreaded white stuff, I can attest it had a decidedly tangy zip. Which is unfortunate, because, otherwise it was good. The roll it was served in was an oversized hot dog bun. The lettuce shredded and tomatoes really red, with, I would say, four strips of bacon blanketing the top. It wasn’t toasted, which is a requirement for some, but not for me. I give it a B+, if you need a letter grade.

Two sandwiches were less than nine dollars, a major bargain. There are lots of salty snacks, dessert, and drink options as well as some produce, so it’s a good place to stop and stock up on your way to beach or boat. The Town Landing Market is exactly as it should be, quaint, quiet, and perfect.

Jillian Bedell

Jillian is a writer and mother living in a farmhouse in Cushing, Maine.


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