At least the sandwhich lives up to its name! …

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At least the sandwhich lives up to its name!

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A Strategy for Maximizing Your McDonald’s Cheeseburger Enjoyment
Malcom, you got a vegetarian to read a whole post about McDonald’s hamburgers. I laughed so much, it was a pretty great read. The eating tips reminded me of those Reese’s peanut butter cup commercials…everyone has their own way to savor their favorite food. Thanks for the good reading.

Mushroom Casserole
Happy Birthday! This Mushroom Casserole looks fantastic….and it’s gluten free too! I’ll have to try it…mushrooms are one of my favorite foods!

i’m feeling totally under the weather with no appetite, but the sounds of that relleno de champinones got my mouth watering. glad to see a good mexican restaurant in town that isn’t afraid to use heat.

Welsh Rarebit Bites
This is one of my husband’s favorite things that I make for him. We use 100% rye bread for the toasts, and set them on top of the rarebit, which we eat like soup. He’s half welsh, so I think he has a fondness for it in the way that my Italian self has a fondness for a good tomato sauce. We’re both linguists at heart (he was an english major, after all) and do muse over the name and the poor status of the Welsh, who get poked fun at a bit in this dish.

Your Just Desserts
This isn’t really the best answer, but I LOVE getting ginger icecream after eating sushi. It’s so refreshing.
I can’t really do most desserts because of the gluten-issue. But, some places have a flourless chocolate cake, like katadin and grace — amazing.
Silly’s also has a great gluten free rice crispy treat. Not as classy, but satisfying.

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